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Publication date: 18.06.2010
Publication date: 08.06.2010

Ambassador of Georgia to Japan invites Japanese Companies


Mr. Revaz Beshidze, the Ambassador of Georgia to Japan who assumed the current post in February had the interview in Tokyo.  He stated, “We would like to invite Japanese companies to the free industrial zone (FIZ) in the Black Sea International Port, Poti which is currently under construction.”  Ambassador emphasized the advantages of the location neighboring to the large markets such as European Union (EU), the former Soviet Union, and the Middle East region. He also announced about the plan of inviting Georgian business delegation to Japan as early as this coming Autumn in order to attract Japanese companies and expand the bilateral industrial cooperation.

Publication date: 30.04.2010

5th graders (80 students) from Kodaira Dai Yon Elementary School in Gakuen Nishi-machi, Kodaira-shi (Principle: Yoshio Abe) completed a piece of artwork.  Children painted it after being inspired by the famous Georgian artist, Niko Pirosmani (1862~1918).  Children’s artwork will be donated to the Embassy of Georgia sometime soon.

Publication date: 19.02.2010

Russia is negotiating with France about purchasing highly mobile naval vessels.  According to Reuters, this is the largest plan ever in terms of Russia to purchase foreign armaments.  Russia learned lessons after the last year’s conflict with Georgia and they want to have authority over surrounding countries by strengthening the transport capacity for military force at sea.  Moreover, Russia hopes to obtain technologies from France through joint naval vessels development plan.  This move is symbolizing their current situation that they are lagging behind in equipment modernization.

Publication date: 23.10.2009

After the EU investigation committee wrote a report, Russia and Georgia restarted propaganda war.  Both sides are insisting their military actions were legitimate.  The report denies necessity for taking military action.  The report pointed out both countries faults, yet both sides are not looking into the disadvantageous points.  We still don’t see the final settlement regarding the five days conflict caused 850 deaths and 35000 refugees.

Publication date: 21.10.2009
Publication date: 30.08.2009

Ms. Keti Dolidze, a film director, who made a documentary "White Scarf” on the 1993 war in

Publication date: 30.08.2009
Publication date: 30.08.2009



Publication date: 26.08.2009
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