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President Zourabichvili Discusses Cultural Cooperation with Fuji CEO

President Salome Zourabichvili met with Mr. Hisadi Hieda, President of Japanese Art Association and CEO of Fuji Media Holdings, Inc., to discuss the prospects of deeper cultural cooperation between Georgia and Japan.

The President discussed Georgian traditions, cultural values, the achievements of Georgian modern culture and the opportunity to promote Georgian opera in Japan with Mr. Hieda.

President Zourabichvili also talked about the Georgian movie industry and brought up the idea of shooting a Japanese movie in Georgia, which was well-received by the Japanese side. Hisadi Hieda stated that the great success of Tochinoshin in Japan has helped increase the national interest toward Georgia. “We should use this opportunity and support all the initiatives to deepen ties between these two countries. Human relations are utterly significant in this direction. “Georgia has become a very familiar country to me after Your visit. We know that You represent a country with an ancient and complicated history.

“I assume that at some extent, we have the potential to develop a cultural partnership and I am utterly interested in Georgia. I will share the information to my company and will indeed support in raising awareness about this country. I am sure they will also become interested in Georgia and visit it,” stated Hisadi Hieda.