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President Salome Zourabichvili met with representatives of the tourism and wine industries

President Salome Zourabichvili met with representatives of the tourism and wine industries at a working dinner as part of her visit to Japan.

The President briefed the heads of leading travel companies about Georgia’s tourism potential and discussed the history and uniqueness of Georgian wine. She mentioned Georgia’s ancient civilization, diverse nature, attractiveness due to a combination of traditional and contemporary cultures, gastronomic diversity, and the globally-known Georgian wine. “Georgian wine, with its refined taste, will definitely attract the Japanese market. Georgian wine is part of the world civilization and the Japanese people know its value very well,” said President Zourabichvili.

Tadashi Shimura, President of the Japanese Travel Agents Association, stated that there are several important advantages for tourism in Georgia, from nature to its culture, climate, and traditional cuisine. “I think Georgia has everything, but we should still be raising awareness of Georgia in Japan. Last year, we had an awareness campaign on Georgia.

“The President’s visit at this time is very important because it could that public awareness of Georgia by the Japanese people, especially for touristic exchanges between Japan and Georgia,” said Mr. Shimura. Kenichi Ohashi, a Japanese master of wine, also attended the meeting with the President and stated that Japan was interested in expanding its market with Georgian wine. “Georgia is the beginning of the Silk Road and Japan is the end of it and of course, Georgia has a very long wine history in the global market. “We respect this long history, part of which is Georgian wine having been certified as world heritage by the UNESCO. I hope that the President’s visit will be a very strong trigger to expand our market,” said Mr. Ohashi.

President Zourabichvili briefed with informational brochures the tourism and wine industry representatives on Georgia’s touristic advantages and hosted them with Georgian food and wine.